Martina Birnbaum Photography  
McKinney TX

Welcome !
I‘m Martina Birnbaum, a very happy woman born and raised in Germany. My passion for photography has taken me near and far in my quest for capturing beautiful photos from my own unique point-of-view.

Through my lens I have captured the beauty of countless faces from around the world. My travels allowed me to experience the grandeur found in our planet‘s countless landscapes, as well as visually record the joys, big and small.

My wish is to share with you my past, present and future journeys and to celebrate with me the uniqueness found in all of our earth‘s people, places and things.

I now invite you to join me and share in my experiences behind the lens, and perhaps, allow me to join with you in creating and preserving your personal photographic events and family memories.

Please take a moment to view and enjoy my photographic journeys.  

My sincere hope is that my photography will spark within you ideas that capture your personal, family or professional visions.

Let me freeze images in time that you will be proud to come back to...or frame - for all to see!
Please contact me and lets talk about the possibilities?

Thank you !